Esteemed Friends,

My name is Claudio de Castro, and I am a micronationalist from Brazil. My micronation, which some of you may know, is the HOLY EMPIRE OF RÉUNION.  ( We are recently getting out of a period of isolationism, and we wish, very much, to have good relations with all the nations that may think we have something to cooperate. We really look forward to interacting with all the micronations from Eastern Europe, and to really start some great friendships.

Reunion was born in 1997 as an independent state; we have received lots of media attention too (check . We have lots of interest on getting to know each one of you. We want to exchange ideas, projects, perspectives. We want to blend in.  Our micronation is already an old one and we humbly think we may also have something to offer!

I would like to know each and everyone of you, your micronations too. Réunion wants to open itself to the eastern micronational world. Can you allow me to stay here, writing in English (or Portuguese, which is my mother language :-)  ?

You can all feel free to contact me through ICQ (my ICQ is 6434185), MSN ( or EMAIL (

Réunion is eager to have also diplomatic relations with all of you, and more than that: to start real and cooperative friendships!


Claudio de Castro
Emperor of Réunion

P.S. -> Feel free to please visit our FORUM, at !